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Apprenticeship: Access to Education and Employment


You will note that so many appreciate the aspect of apprenticeship these days due to the fact that it allows one to access employment whilst undergoing training. There is no better way of being educated with a hands-on mode of training other than apprenticeship. You will not have to undergo any classroom banter but instead you will need to pay attention to the following aspects while undergoing this apprenticeship especially if you are looking forward for a career in administration.

It is important that you get to know people that are both in your department and the related apprenticeship vacancies. It is possible that this might naturally happen over time. You will note that you will in most cases be allocated a mentor to take you through this apprenticeship. This mentor will often be a senior in that department. He will be the one to guide you through and hold your hand until the end. This is the first person that you will need to fully know. However, do not be afraid to know other members of the firm. Take a bold step and build relationships with them. This will certainly allow you to build better bridges in networking for your career.

Be timely in whatever task you have been allocated. You will have to learn the art of organizing your time. This will be quite easy given that your tasks will become almost routine. You will also realize that there are days you will be allocated to attend college so as to study a particular qualification for the playwork apprenticeships. This implies that you will have to come up with adequate time to study as well as handle your tasks. Feel free to ask for help in the event that you truly need it. It is understandable and you do not have to be afraid to do so. You have the responsibility of solving all matters promptly.

Get to study how some of the senior staff members carry out their tasks. It will give you the insight on how to effectively address any arising problem. You will have to observe the associates and partners within this company in all aspects. Be bold enough to take time to ask them one or two questions. They are better placed to guide you to career growth. While at it, make sure that you remain enthusiastic about the tasks that you have at hand. It is vital in your career growth.

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